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LAME has always just been about making real heavy clothes for the homies and collaborating with the creatives I grew up skating with. It is my ultimate passion, I live, eat, sleep and breathe this shit. Thank you sincerely for fucking with my silly little company, this is all I've ever wanted to do and it's thanks to you guys that I get to live my actual dream <333

LAME started in sixth form when I was 18, doodling all over my school books. I have always been in love with stupid graphic t-shirts, so I used to draw on my shoes, skateboards, shirts and hoodies with paint pens. I started doing my doodles digitally and then printing them on t-shirts. In those early days, I was literally selling tees out the back of my car in the sixth form car park. For over 4 years now I've been growing the range, honing my art and making the gnarliest clothes possible, always with that core fixation on creating authentically.

LAME is the total antithesis to the mentality of hype fashion, that fake shit with objectively 'cool' clothing brands and their transparently corporate bullshit. LAME is born from my sincere belief that clothing, like art, is subjective. If you love what you wear it couldn't matter less if anyone else thinks its 'cool'. What you wear should make you feel totally comfortable in yourself, it's your suit of armour against the rest of the world.


@francissmith666 from the band @sleepy_beaucat

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